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Aura Menu




Patatas Bravas                                         £2.95

Fried potato with a paprika spiced mayonnaise


Tortilla Espanola                                      £3.25

Spanish-style omelette with potato and onion

served with roasted garlic mayonnaise


Ensalada Mixta                                         £2.95

Fresh mixed salad leaves with beef tomato

and red onion


Champinones al Ajillo                             £3.25

Mushrooms lightly sautéed with white wine

and garlic


Chorizo Frito al Vino                               £3.50

Spicy Spanish sausage sautéed in red wine


Albondigas                                                 £3.50

Spicy meatballs served in a rich tomato sauce


Alitas de Pollo                                          £3.50

Chicken wings marinated with herbs and spices


Gambas Pil Pil                                          £3.95

King prawns cooked in olive oil, fresh garlic

and chilli


Aceitunas Mixtas                                      £2.95

Mixed marinated Spanish olives


Jamon Serrano                                         £3.95

Platter of cured Spanish ham


Salmon con Citricos                                £3.95

Cold cured salmon served with citrus dressing


Gambas Mediterraneo                            £3.95

Chilled whole king prawns served with a citrus and garlic seasoned mayonnaise





Tapas for 2                                              £19.95

Patatas Bravas, Chorizo Frito al Vino,

Alitas de Pollo, Ensalada Mixta, Jamon Serrano,

Salmon con Citricos, Aceitunas Mixtas


Nacho Platter                                          £11.95

Your choice of beef or vegetarian chilli with cheese, sour cream and spicy salsa


Antipasta Platter                                      £12.95

Cold cured meats, mixed olives, sun blushed

tomatoes, balsamic onions, ciabatta slices and a selection of dips


Chilled Seafood Platter                           £14.95

Smoked salmon, Bradan Rost, mussels, prawns,

pickled herring, crusty bread and a selection of dips


Cheese Platter                                          £12.95

Selection of Scottish and continental cheese served with chutney, celery, grapes, biscuits and homemade fruit loaf.



Served on your choice of wholemeal or

white bloomer bread with hand cooked crisps

and homemade coleslaw


Cold roast beef, fresh rocket and

horseradish mayo


Egg mayonnaise with fresh watercress


Scottish cheddar, farmhouse pickle, vine tomato and salad leaves


Cold roast chicken, garlic and parmesan mayo and gem lettuce


Flaked tuna mayonnaise, red onion and



Baked Ayrshire ham, grain mustard, vine tomato and salad leaves


Atlantic prawns, marie-rose dressing, cucumber

and fresh rocket


ALL £5.25



Served with hand cooked crisps and homemade coleslaw


BLT Club                                                   £6.95

The classic. Bacon, lettuce and tomato

with mayonnaise


Hydro Chicken Club                              £7.95

Grilled chicken breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and mayo


Fried Haddock Po' Boy Ciabatta        £8.95

Goujons of Cajun spiced haddock, homemade tartare sauce and crisp salad leaves


Grilled Steak Ciabatta                           £8.95

Grilled steak, fried onions, tomato, fresh rocket, gruyere cheese and horseradish




Served with hand cooked crisps and homemade coleslaw


Cajun chicken, tomato salsa, fried onions,

roasted peppers and sour cream         


Hot smoked salmon, pickled cucumber,

caper berries and lemon crème fraiche


Parma ham, brie, apple puree and black pudding


Prawn marie-rose, guacamole, apple and fresh lemon


Ayrshire ham, smoked cheddar, pickles and egg


ALL £5.95




All our sandwiches can be prepared

with gluten free bread




8oz Homemade Beef Burger           £10.95

On a ciabatta roll with lettuce, tomato,

onion rings, fries and dill pickle


Italian Chicken Fillet Burger             £9.95

On a ciabatta roll with pesto, mozzarella,

mayo and fresh rocket, onion rings and fries


8oz Homemade Lamb Burger          £10.95

On a ciabatta roll with Eastern spiced relish,

minted yoghurt and fresh rocket, onion rings

and fries


8oz “Croque” Beef Burger                  £11.95

On a ciabatta roll with smoked ham,

fried egg and gruyere cheese


Fried Haddock Po' Boy Ciabatta     £8.95

Goujons of Cajun spiced haddock, homemade

tartare sauce and crisp salad leaves


The Aura Burger                                  £12.95

Our 8oz hand formed beef burger served in a speciality bun with bacon, gruyere cheese,

tomato, dill pickle, onion rings, beetroot,

fried egg, homemade coleslaw and

fresh pineapple.  Served with fries.




Oven roasted vine tomato, mozzarella       £8.95

and fresh basil


Pepperoni, mozzarella and fresh basil       £9.95


Oven roasted vine tomato, parmesan,         £9.95

rocket, red onion and Parma ham


Crumbled goats cheese, red onion,             £9.95

roasted red pepper and fresh basil


Homemade Italian seasoned meatballs     £10.95

and mozzarella


Chicken breast, mushroom, pesto                £10.95

and pine nut


Chorizo sausage, red onion, red pepper    £10.95

and mozzarella


Black pudding, crisp bacon, fresh rocket    £10.95

and parmesan shavings


Tiger prawns, chopped chilli, coriander,    £11.95

mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and fresh rocket




Guests with special dietary

requirements please speak

to a member of the team who will

be happy to assist


Please ask about gluten free options.





Breaded Fillet of Haddock                 £11.95

With homemade tartare sauce, light salad

and fries


Toulouse Sausage and Mash         £10.95

With fried onions and a rich peppercorn sauce


Stir – Fry Chicken                               £10.95

With Hoi Sin, peppers, onions cashew nuts

and rice pilaf


10oz Ribeye Steak                               £18.95

With roasted vine tomatoes, mushrooms,

fried onions and fries


Braised Lamb Shank                            £12.95

With garlic pomme puree and an onion jus


Moules et Frites                                     £12.95

Steamed mussels in white wine, shallot

and garlic finished with a touch of cream and served with a side of fries


Cajun Spice Fillet of Salmon            £12.95

Served on a crisp Caesar salad with

sautéed potatoes





Pasta Dolcelatte                                    £9.95

Penne pasta bound in creamy dolcelatte cheese with toasted pine kernals and baby spinach


Pasta de la Mer                                       £11.95

With mussels, tiger prawn and hot smoked

salmon bound in a white wine and chive cream                     

Classic carbonara                               £9.95

With mushrooms, pancetta, garlic, fresh

parmesan bound in a rich cream sauce


Pasta Primavera                                 £9.95

Mediterranean oven roasted vegetables

with mixed olives and pesto


Pasta al Pollo                                        £10.95

Chicken breast with boursin cheese and

fresh basil bound in a rich vine tomato passata


Homemade Italian Meatballs           £10.95

Bound in a rich tomato sauce





French fries                                          £1.95

Cajun spiced fries                             £1.95

Fresh onion rings                              £2.25

House salad                                        £2.25

Garlic bread                                         £1.95

Garlic bread with Mozzarella       £2.25





Steamed Sticky Toffee Pudding            £4.95

With bananas and toffee ripple ice cream


Vanilla Pannacotta                                     £4.95

Served with poached strawberries and

vanilla ice cream


Strawberry Pavlova                                    £5.25

With raspberry jelly and vanilla ice cream


Chocolate and Thyme Crème Brulee    £5.25

Served with a rich Belgian chocolate sauce


Lemon Cheesecake                                   £4.95

With summer berry compote and

orange zest ice cream


A Selection of Scottish and                       £6.25

Continental Cheeses

Served with grapes, apple, celery,

Arran oatcakes and homemade fruit loaf


Trio of Italian Ice Cream                           £3.95


Wild Berry Meringue Sundae                   £5.55

With fresh cream and strawberry ice cream


Peach Melba Sundae                                 £5.55

With honey roasted peaches, raspberry jelly

and vanilla ice cream


Banoffee Sundae                                        £5.55

With toffee ice cream, fresh banana,

and rich toffee sauce


Lemon Meringue Sundae                         £5.55

With homemade lemon curd, meringue,

vanilla ice cream and lemon sorbet


Millionaire Sundae                                      £5.55

With crumbled millionaire shortbread,

chocolate ice cream, fresh cream and

warm chocolate sauce


Strawberry and Champagne Sundae    £5.55

With fresh strawberries, crumbled shortbread,

strawberry ice cream and pink champagne sorbet


The Orangery St. Clements Sundae     £5.55

Orange zest ice cream, vanilla ice cream

and lemon sorbet with fresh mint and

an orange and kumquat compote


Rhubarb Crumble Sundae                        £5.55

Vanilla sauce, poached rhubarb, vanilla ice cream topped with an almond crumble





Although nuts may not be in the dish of your choice, we must advise our guests that nuts are used on the premises and therefore may be present in any subsequent dish prepared