Seamill Hydro Hotel & Resort

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Seamill Hydro, Seamill, Ayrshire KA23 9ND

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About Seamill Hydro

A Wee Something Gift Shop @ Seamill Hydro Hotel and Resort 

Located right next  to reception the Hydro gift shop – ‘a wee something’ – is the ideal place to pick up the perfect  gift – whether you hand it over or keep it for yourself is the only difficult choice you’ll have to make!


The combined objectives  of  ‘gift’, ‘home’ and ‘celebrate’ means that there is something for  every occasion –fabulous  handbags, scarves and jewellery, beautiful table-top and home accessories and everyday lifestyle pieces like napkins,  candles and flowers.


Our wrapped and ready to give mini-gifts always delight and a range of pocket money toys and sweets ensure there’s something for all ages.


With greeting cards on hand to cover every milestone and bespoke stationery and favours available to order every event can be celebrated in style.


And, our ‘Oops! -  I’ve forgotten ...’ shelf of toiletries and simple over the counter medicines ensures your stay is problem free!.


This month ....









Love    Marion  x