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Wedding Directory Seamill Hydro Scotland

Planning a Scottish wedding, then our online wedding directory will help you plan even after you have booked your wedding venue, that's why we have got together with lots of our colleagues in the area to build this directory of wedding service suppliers. As your wedding day will be as unique as the two of you we feel you should make you own choice of your musicians, wedding dresses, photographers, wedding stationery, wedding cakes and all the other wee things that will make your day with us even more special, we don't think you can put a wedding in a box!

North Ayrshire Civil Ceremonies

For all the information you need to have a civil wedding in North Ayrshire.

North Ayrshire Council Civil Ceremonies Website

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There are a few qualifying criteria: you must provide a service which is beneficial to brides and grooms having a wedding at Seamill Hydro; the service you offer must not be in direct competition with any service offered by Seamill Hydro; at least three verifiable testimonials must be provided unless the supplier has been nominated or won the VOWs award for their category; the supplier must have a website and provide a link to the Seamill Hydro website. Full conditions of listing can be provided on request.

Enhanced listings include an image and are listed at the top of each section, there is a one-off £25.00 charge to have an enhanced listing placed.