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Sensational sweets you can’t refuse. Stunning sweets with tiny prices, forget the diet and get stuck in.

Please note every effort is made to make sure these menus are accurate our menus change frequently to ensure the best value in quality for our guests and the use of fresh seasonal products by our chefs. This means from time to time the menus served may vary from those listed on this website. Please contact us direct if you require specific menu information.

Although nuts may not be in the dish of your choice, we must advise our guests that nuts are used on the premises and therefore may be present in any subsequent dish prepared



Americano – £2.30

Cappuccino – £2.75

Latte – £2.75

Espresso –  £2.10

Espresso doppio – £2.55

Macchiato – £2.35

Mocha – £2.95

Hot chocolate – £2.75

Hydro hot chocolate – £2.95

All our coffees can also be served decaffeinated

Pot of tea for one choose from: Classic Breakfast, Earl Grey Peppermint, Green Sencha Camomile, Red Berry – £2.35

Liqueur coffee – All £4.75

Gaelic coffee – with Drambuie

Irish coffee – with Jamesons Irish whiskey

Napoleon coffee – with Martell brandy

Calypso coffee – with Tia Maria

Jamaican coffee – with OVD dark rum

Seville coffee – with Triple sec


Warm sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and caramel honeycomb ice cream


Dark chocolate cherry dome filled with chocolate mousse, cherry compote and Turkish delight ice cream


Roasted apple, rhubarb and ginger crumble served with vanilla ice cream


Banana creme brûlée with salted peanut brittle


Warm treacle tart served with a green apple sorbet


Chilled lemon posset with basil Swiss meringue and fresh raspberries


Chocolate sharing platter with dipping chocolate, mini doughnuts, marshmallows, honeycomb and strawberries


Our Cheeseboard Selection – Ayrshire and Arran cheeses served with grapes, apple, celery, biscuits and homemade fruit loaf



We are delighted to serve “Woody’s” award winning ice cream from Ayrshire

Trio of dairy ice creams


Scottish Cranachan Ice Cream Coupe With fresh raspberries, honey, toasted oats, whisky syrup and vanilla ice cream


Banoffee Ice Cream Coupe Layered fresh cream, sliced banana, toffee and chocolate sauce with a banoffee ice cream


Peach Melba Coupe With raspberry coulis, peaches, fresh raspberries, flaked almonds and raspberry ripple ice cream


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