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Served daily from 12pm till 6pm

Homemade Soup of the Day
With crusty bread

Cullen Skink
Traditional Scottish smoked haddock, bacon, potato and leek soup served with crusty bread

Chicken Liver Pate
With Arran ale and apple chutney, mixed leaves and garlic bread

Smoked Salmon and Crab Roulade
Served with pickled vegetables, chargrilled onion bread and micro herb salad

Moules Mariniere
Steamed in a white wine, garlic and spring onion served with a garlic baguette

Duo of Melon
With mixed berries, passionfruit syrup and blackcurrant ice water

Seafood Fishcake
Topped with a soft caper fried egg on a radicchio and little gem salad with crispy leeks

Twice Cooked Potato Wedges
Topped with jalapenos, mature cheddar and sour cream dressing

Chicken Goujons
Crispy buttermilk fried strips of chicken with a chilli and sweetcorn relish, fresh lime wedge and mixed salad

Orangery Toasted Muffin
Topped with Arran cheddar cheese, Parma ham, a breaded poached egg and served with a rocket salad

Prawn Cocktail
With apple, little gem, onion bread and lemon

Mixed Vegetable Tempura
Accompanied by with a sweet and sour sauce with a chilli and coriander salad

Oven Baked Goats Cheese
Scented with honey and thyme, topped with pumpkin seeds, served with Scottish Piccalilli, mini baguette and herb salad

Please ask about gluten free options.

Guests with special dietary
requirements please speak
to your server who will
be happy to assist

Toasted panini served with hand cooked crisps and homemade coleslaw

Honey Roast Ham
With smoked Arran cheddar, sun blushed tomatoes and coarse grain mustard

Peri Peri Spiced Chicken
With sautéed red onions, mixed peppers and mozzarella cheese

Arran Cheddar
With caramelised onion, sweet pickle, sun blushed tomatoes and basil pesto

Peppered Strips of Beef
With sautéed mushrooms, spring onions and gruyere cheese

With your choice of filling and a light salad

Scottish mature cheddar and homemade coleslaw

Cajun spiced chicken with coriander, roast red peppers and crème fraiche

Beef chilli topped with roasted red peppers, fresh coriander, soured cream and mature cheddar

Vegetarian chilli topped with roasted red peppers, fresh coriander, soured cream and mature cheddar

Prawn marie-rose with smoked paprika, avocado and cucumber

Tuna mayonnaise with sweetcorn

ALL £7.95

Served on your choice of wholemeal or
white bloomer bread with hand cooked crisps
and homemade coleslaw

Peppered roast beef, pickled beetroot, horseradish mayonnaise and rocket

Egg and chive mayonnaise with peppery watercress and red onion

Smoked Arran cheddar, pickle, plum tomato and gem lettuce

Chicken, sweetcorn, gem lettuce and red onion

Flaked tuna mayonnaise, sweetcorn, gem lettuce and red onion

Honey roast ham, mustard mayonnaise, plum tomato and rocket

Prawn marie rose with avocado, fresh rocket and cucumber

Smoked salmon with peppered cream cheese, watercress and plum tomatoes

ALL £6.75

Served with hand cooked crisps and homemade coleslaw

BLT Club £7.95
The classic. Bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayonnaise

Hydro Chicken Club £8.95
Grilled chicken breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and mayo

Cajun Chicken Open Sandwich £8.95
With homemade salsa, red onions, cheddar cheese and sour cream

All our sandwiches can be prepared
with gluten free bread


French fries £3.25
Cajun spiced fries £3.25
Parmesan and truffle fries £3.95
Battered onion rings £3.25
House salad £4.25
Crisp Caesar Salad £4.25
Market vegetables £3.95
Toasted garlic bread £3.25
Garlic bread with mozzarella £3.75
Baby boiled potatoes £3.25
with spring onions
Bread roll and butter £1.75

Served daily from 12pm till 6pm

Oven roasted vine tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil

Pepperoni, mozzarella and fresh basil

Fajita spiced chicken with mixed peppers, red onion, mozzarella cheese, sour cream and fresh coriander

Crumbled goats cheese, red onion, roasted red pepper, mozzarella
and fresh basil

Chorizo sausage, Parma ham, pepperoni, jalapeno chillies, red onion, red pepper
and mozzarella

Served daily from 12pm till 6pm

All our burgers are served in a
toasted Pretzel style bun, with French fries and crisp battered onion rings

Breaded Chicken Breast Burger
Topped with brie and smoked Ayrshire bacon with a whole grain mustard mayonnaise

8oz Bacon Cheese Burger
With smoked cheddar and Robertson’s bacon, lettuce, tomato, and dill pickle

8oz Chilli Beef Burger
Topped with beef chilli, mature cheddar and sour cream dressing

8oz Haggis Beef Burger
Topped with haggis and smoked Arran cheddar with peppercorn sauce

8oz Homemade Burger
With lettuce, tomato, and dill pickle

Served daily from 12pm till 6pm

Ploughman’s Salad
With Ayrshire baked ham, ham hough terrine, mature cheddar, pickles, cold boiled egg, fresh apple, mixed salad leaves and crusty bread

Chargrilled Breast of Chicken
Served with rocket, spiced couscous, pomegranate seeds, fresh mango,
yoghurt dressing and warm flat bread

Seafood Salad
With prawns, smoked salmon and hot-smoked salmon with seasonal leaves, dill mayonnaise
and house dressing

Seabass Fillet Caesar Salad
Little gem lettuce, parmesan shavings, sautéed potatoes and boiled hens egg

Please speak to our team about the ingredients in your meal, when making your order.
Thank you.

Served daily from 12pm till 6pm

Battered Haddock and Chips
With mushy peas, side salad and lemon

Shredded Beef Tagliatelle
Bound in a creamy pepper sauce, with onions and mushrooms

10oz Buccleuch Beef Ribeye Steak
With seared plum tomatoes, button mushrooms fried onions and fries

8oz Fillet Steak
With seared plum tomatoes, button mushrooms fried onions and fries

Steak Sauces– peppercorn, blue cheese,

Béarnaise, Diane or garlic butter £1.95
5 Tiger Prawns sautéed in garlic butter £4.95

Grilled Breast of Chicken
Glazed with Swiss cheese and a leek cream served with broccoli florets and creamed potatoes

Gratin of Smoked Haddock
On chive creamed potatoes with sautéed Robertson’s Ayrshire bacon lardons and glazed with mature cheddar cheese

Spicy Chicken Enchilada
Garnished with cheese and served with a dressed salad and fries

Chicken, Mushroom and Tarragon Crepe
Glazed with a white wine and cheddar cheese cream and served with a side salad and fries

Spaghetti Carbonara
With Ayrshire bacon, chicken and mushrooms

Cajun Spiced Breast of Chicken
With coriander rice pilaf, sweet curry sauce and sour cream

Traditional Braised Steak and Robertson’s of Ayrshire Sausage Pie
Topped with crisp butter pastry and served with spinach, braised spring cabbage and chive pomme puree

Oven Roasted Hake Fillet
Wrapped in streaky Ayrshire bacon, served with crisp cos lettuce, a bacon and truffle mayonnaise, chargrilled asparagus and sautéed potatoes

Arran Smoked Cheddar Penne
With Ayrshire bacon and leeks

Lasagne al Forno
Oven baked and served with a light salad and garlic bread

Served daily from 2.30pm till 5pm

A selection of freshly made sandwiches with the following fillings:

Cold Roast Chicken with gem lettuce, mayonnaise and red onion
Mature cheese savoury with Arran mustard and spring onions
Smoked salmon with cucumber cream cheese

Homemade plain scone served with freshly whipped cream and strawberry preserve

A selection of mini patisserie

One individual pot of tea or a coffee from our coffee selection per person

£10.95 per person

Pleases note that afternoon tea is only available for a minimum of two people.

To allow you to enjoy our
“Traditional Afternoon Tea”
would be delighted to offer one alternative filling to accommodate any allergies or preferences.
Please choose from the following-
Roast Beef
Egg Mayonnaise

Coffee & Cake Deal
Enjoy any coffee or pot of tea with your choice of any of our cakes, scones or pastries.

Served daily from 9.30am until 6pm


Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding
With candied walnuts, vanilla ice cream puff candy bar and banana chips

Black Forrest Gateaux
Dark chocolate mousse with cherries, chocolate crumble and fruits of the forest
ice cream

Homemade Cheesecake
Please ask your server for our daily flavour

Blackcurrant and Pear Crumble
Served with set sauce anglaise, pear puree, blackberry coulis and malted cinnamon ice cream

Vanilla Pannacotta
With raspberry jelly mille feuille and cassis sorbert

Trio of Dairy Ice Creams

Broken Lemon Meringue Pie
With homemade lemon curd, shortbread crumble, Italian and French meringue and candied lemon

Scottish Cranachan Ice cream Coupe
Served with fresh raspberries, honey, toasted oats, whisky syrup and vanilla ice cream

Banoffee Ice Cream Coupe
Layered fresh cream, toffee and chocolate sauce with a banoffee ice cream

Salted Caramel and Honeycomb Ice Cream Coupe
Served with homemade honeycomb, fresh cream,salted caramel sauce, shortbread and caramel ripple ice cream

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream Coupe
Toasted peanuts, fresh cream, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, chocolate ice cream and chocolate crumble

Our Cheeseboard Selection
Your choice of either Scottish or Continental cheese boards served with grapes, apple, celery, biscuits and homemade fruit loaf

We are delighted to serve “Woody’s” award winning ice-cream
from Ayrshire

Although nuts may not be in the dish of your choice, we must advise our guests that nuts are used on the premises and therefore may be present in any subsequent dish prepared


A single shot of espresso served over hot water

A shot of espresso with foamed milk and topped with chocolate

A shot of espresso topped with steamed milk

A strong short black coffee

Espresso Doppio
As above but twice as big

A single shot of espresso topped with a spoonful of frothed milk

A blend of espresso and rich chocolate topped up with steamed milk

Hot Chocolate
Rich drinking chocolate topped up with steamed milk

Hydro Hot Chocolate
Rich drinking chocolate topped up with steamed milk and topped with marshmallow and whipped cream

Pot of Tea for One

Choose from:

Breakfast Tea
Earl of Grey
China Green Tea
Mojito Mint
Camomile Blossoms
Red Berry Burst


Homemade Scone £2.55
Millionaire Shortbread £2.55
Homemade Carrot Cake £2.55
Strawberry Tart £2.55
Lemon Meringue Pie £2.55
Chocolate Eclair £2.55
Homemade Banana Loaf £2.55
Pineapple Tart £2.55

Please ask about our
gluten free cake options

Dine out in Ayrshire with wonderful views, comfortable and relaxed surroundings and spectacular views, what more could you ask from a lunchtime venue. Well, how about warm, friendly and welcoming service and exceptional quality freshly prepared food, too much to ask for? Not at the Orangery.

Please note every effort is made to make sure these menus are accurate our menus change frequently to ensure the best value in quality for our guests and the use of fresh seasonal products by our chefs. This means from time to time the menus served may vary from those listed on this website. Please contact us direct if you require specific menu information.

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