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Seamill Hydro Journey to Silver Status

The Seamill Hydro Hotel was awarded Silver status under the Green Tourism Business Scheme and has retained Silver status to date. Silver status is awarded to organisations which demonstrate excellent and progressive initiatives and examples of promoting its green policies among staff and customers, significant move to use recycled products, source sustainable products/foods from local businesses and improve energy efficiency through heating and lighting improvements.

The hotel owners, managers and staff collectively worked to implement and deliver the hotel’s environmental and social initiatives to achieve Silver Status, here is an example of some of the initiatives implemented:

Waste Management Initiatives

  • Operate an onsite recycling system to sort dry mixed recycling, ink cartridges and bulbs, batteries, which are ready for waste collection and we work to reduce the amount sent to landfill;
  • We use a waste compactor on site to minimise the number of times our waste needs to be collected;
  • Return and/or reuse shipping pallets to food suppliers;
  • Minimise food waste as far as possible by not over-ordering perishable food items.  Any food waste is sent for composting;
  • Replaced disposable items with reusable items, e.g. refillable soap and shampoo dispensers in standard rooms;
  • Set our printers to black and white and double-sided printing to minimise paper use.

Energy and Water Management Initiatives

  • Installation of energy efficient and LED lighting in all our rooms and public areas throughout the hotel;
  • Utilise occupancy sensors in our hotel rooms, when room is vacant, all energy consuming devices are switched off;
  • Promotion in our rooms regarding re-using hotel towels and bed linen to save on water and energy consumption;
  • Promote our housekeeping teams to clean rooms using natural daylight (where possible) instead of consuming electricity;
  • Remind housekeeping teams to reduce water usage when cleaning rooms and avoid running water excessively;
  • In new parts of the building surface water is filtered before being released back into the environment;
  • We have 3 electric car charging points on site for use by guests and employees;
  • We have opted for an electric company van instead of petrol/diesel vehicle.

Food & Beverage Initiatives

  • Work with suppliers who have a code of practice setting out as a minimum it’s environmental and social policies;
  • Source local produce as far as possible and we never knowingly use genetically modified ingredients or products in our dishes;
  • Plastic straws are no longer served in our drinks as a normal service standard, only issued when specifically requested by customer.

Reporting, Management and Raising Awareness

  • We have written environmental, social and food & beverage policies and these are prominently displayed throughout the hotel for employees and hotel guests;
  • We promote our policies with hotel guests and visitors to the hotel to follow energy saving practices, e.g. reuse towels, switch off lights, recycle waste;
  • Regular training of staff to remind them of our Green Tourism policies.

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