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Striving for Gold Status

At the hotel, we recognise our impact on the environment and the necessity to operate our business with care and consideration within the local and wider community. We continuously work towards improving on our environmental and social initiatives over the next 2-3 years and have set the following objectives for the hotel:

Waste Management Initiatives

  • Actively manage, monitor and record our waste between recyclables and landfill, with the aim to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill;
  • Source more recyclable materials and reusable products to reduce the amount of waste we send to recycling plants, i.e. plastic bottles;
  • Work to eliminate the use of styrofoam packaging from suppliers when ordering food/drinks;
  • Implement recycling points throughout the hotel and encourage guests to think Green whilst staying at the hotel;
  • Move away from harmful cleaning chemicals and opt for eco-friendly products;
  • Collect used cooking oils and send them to be used for biodiesel fuels

Energy and Water Management Initiatives

  • Continue to use low energy efficient lighting in all our suites and public areas;
  • Expand the use of occupancy sensors throughout the hotel to public areas, storage rooms and offices;
  • Work to replace high consumption flush toilets and urinals throughout the hotel with water saving devices;
  • Review our energy consumption levels and monitor of use of gas, electricity and water, with a view to reduce the amounts consumed by 10%;
  • Review the way in which we consume energy and implement eco-friendly initiatives, installation of solar panels to generate electricity; biomass heating system to warm the hotel;
  • Install kettles in bedrooms with a 1 litre capacity to save energy boiling water that is not required;
  • Operate a switch off policy for staff to switch off computer equipment and printers, when not is use and not leave them standby

Food & Beverage Initiatives

  • Use more organic produce, seasonal vegetables and local produce;
  • Work with our on-site gardeners to grow our own herbs for use in our restaurants;
  • Review the way in which we use water from the tap and plastic/glass bottled water and consider installing a water purification and bottling plant so we bottle water on-site from the tap and reduce the amount of plastic/glass bottles we procure and ultimately send to recycling

Environmental, Social and Community Initiatives

  • Work with the local community and get more involved in local community projects, i.e. helping tidy up and maintain cleanliness of Seamill Beach;
  • Recycle/donate furniture, textiles and other utensils to local charities, i.e. homeless starter packs;
  • Nominate and promote a chosen local or national charity each year and pledge to fundraise/donate funds of £500 per year;
  • Offer free gym memberships to staff;
  • Encourage our guests to lead healthier lifestyles and visit our gym and leisure facilities, which are free of charge, healthy eating options on the menu;
  • Encourage staff to cycle to work and use public transport to commute to work; and
    Work with local tourist attractions to get people out and about in Ayrshire on foot, cycles and public transport

Reporting, Management and Raising Awareness

  • Management and staff are encouraged to consider the environment in everyday decisions and in particular at the Senior Management meetings;
  • Promoting our green initiatives in the hotel to guests and remind them to recycle waste;
  • Inform guests on arrival to consider using public transport when sightseeing in the local area;
  • Remind guests of our green initiatives by supplying them with information cards in their rooms, covering the following key points to help us save the environment:
    • Turn off lights when leaving the room
    • Turn off the television when leaving the room
    • Do not leave taps running when not in use
    • Unplug devices once fully charged
    • Recycle old newspapers, plastics, glass where possible or set them aside for housekeeping teams to collect and recycle
    • Promote reusing towels and linens

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