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Key Worker Registration

At Seamill Hydro are currently looking at how we and our guests can say thank you to the key workers who have been so instrumental in Scotland’s response to the coronavirus emergency.  To be honest we do have some ideas, we will tell you more about that very soon.

To start with we need to get an idea of the demand for our campaign and are looking for organisations who have been working throughout the lockdown in the fight against Covid-19 to get in touch with us and register using the form below.

Right now we are only accepting registrations from organisations from within the health and social care sector but should we be able we will extend our campaign to cover more key workers.

To submit your organisation you must be in an administrative or managerial position and you will become our point of contact, we will contact you when benefits become available and how your team members can claim them.

How it works

  • We will donate the value of 20% of eligible stays booked during the campaign to our ‘Heroes Fund’
  • KEY WORKERS whose organisation has registered and been accepted into the campaign will then be able to book rooms at the hotel for FREE using the ‘Heroes Fund’ – plus Seamill Hydro are taking a further 20% of the value off the rooms booked to make sure the fund goes as far as possible.  Key workers will get a unique promotional code from their organisation in order to book the room for free.
  • More details on the details of this campaign including its operating dates and its terms will be released when the campaign is opened to the public.

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