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Massage & Body Treatments


A medium pressure massage combining relaxing elements of aromatherapy massage, lymphatic drainage and traditional Swedish massage techniques to reduce muscle tension and re-energise the body.

Choose from:

UPLIFTING – uplifting detoxifying body oil with lemongrass, juniper, lavender and rose geranium. Useful for improving fatigue and eliminating toxins.

RELAXING – The luxurious scent of nurturing rose geranium to aid stress relief, relax and soothe. Naturally aids muscle recovery with anti-inflammatory benefits

WARMING – A deeply warming & comforting woody oil containing patchouli, bergamot and sandalwood ideal for muscular aches, tension and insomnia.

All contain a silky base of sweet almond and jojoba oil to hydrate the skin.

Full body | treatment lasts 50 mins £65

Back, neck and shoulder | treatment lasts 25 mins £42


A rebalancing light massage using heated sea salt and seaweed granule filled poultices, which are applied to the body to relax the muscles, release tension and nourish the skin. Combined with manual massage movements, the relaxing warm poultices are rhythmically stroked and kneaded over the body. Benefits include reducing inflammation in muscles and joints, increasing circulation and deep relaxation.

Full body | treatment lasts 55 mins £70

Back, neck and shoulder | treatment lasts 25 mins £45


The ultimate facial for your back designed to rejuvenate and exfoliate while treating any congestion to reveal a brighter and smoother skin. Beginning with a cleanse, tone and exfoliation, a powerful seaweed clay mask is applied to clarify and soften the skin while providing a deep moisturising treatment. A massage of the back and back of legs is also included to leave you feeling deeply relaxed.

treatment lasts 55 mins £70

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