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Paolozzi Lager launches at Seamill Hydro

Lager re-born. That’s how Paolozzi lager, the newest addition to the Orangery Bar, brands itself and we find it hard to disagree!

The Edinburgh Beer Company, the independent and family-run producers of Paolozzi, believe there is more to Scotland than just tartan and haggis.

Here at Seamill, we need little reminder of how unique our country is, our Orangery restaurant is blessed with views over the Firth of Clyde and the Isle of Arran that ignite the wanderlust and take the breath of even our most worldly visitors.

Now though, the Edinburgh Beer Company is helping us make the experience in the Orangery even more unique. We’ve added their Paolozzi lager to our draught selection, becoming one of only a handful of venues to stock this multi award lager on draught.

From the unique glassware to the eye-catching, pop-art inspired beer mats that accompany each order, you know this is something special. With Paolozzi lager though, it’s not style over substance – the beer is brewed in the style of a Helles, or Munich lager, and this is reflected in it’s sparkling golden-amber colour and refreshing if slightly zesty taste with the perfect bittersweet balance.

The over-arching approach behind the beer and everything that surrounds it is clear – Edinburgh Beer Company aren’t just shuffling into the pack of lagers to make up the numbers – Paolozzi is here to stand-out in this ever-popular market.

The inspiration for this approach to Paolozzi lager comes from it’s name-sake, Eduardo Paolozzi; the Leith born artist often credited with inventing the Pop-art movement. The Edinburgh Beer Company cite Paolozzi as their muse, their inspiration for turning the ordinary into something special – re-inventing the everyday. It is their belief that Eduardo Paolozzi represents the inventiveness and open-mindedness that makes Scotland unique and we think he’d be happy to give his name to this most unique and remarkable lager.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Orangery and this inimitable part of the world to enjoy Paolozzi – a lager that really embodies these qualities!

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