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Ballochmyle Brie


My family have been dairy farmers at East Montgarswood Farm since
the early 1920’s when my grandparents took over the tenancy. At this
point my father was five years old. The farm today is still very much a
family affair, I have been working here since leaving school forty years
ago. My wife, Dorothy, also works on the farm caring for the calves
and helping out with milking and our daughter and son, Marianne and
Robert although holding down careers off farm are always helping out.

My cheese making adventure started two and a half years ago during
a particularly difficult time for the dairy industry when our milk price
dipped to 9 pence per litre. We realised then it was time to do things
differently, the question was how? Dorothy works off farm as well
and it was during a conversation at work with a colleague that the
suggestion of making Brie came up. I didn’t need much convincing as I
am a big fan of eating Brie and decided this was a skill I would like
to learn.

The next stage was interesting to say the least especially for Dorothy
as I took over her kitchen on a regular basis with a huge pan and
cheese moulds. I really enjoyed the process and discovered that I was
actually quite good at it, seeking feedback from any friend willing to
sample. I then enrolled on a cheese making course at West Highland
Dairy and took Marianne along as my deputy. Kathy and David were
fantastic and gave us a wealth of knowledge and encouraged us to
drive the project forward. On my return (much to Dorothy’s relief) I
decided that a proper cheese room was my next project. Doing all the
work ourselves, this stage took some time but we now have a cheese
room to be proud of. We sourced some great cheese making equipment
from a lovely lady near Turriff who was retiring. We had a very manic
day travelling between milkings to get it.

It has been a interesting journey to get to where we are now and
really hope that our artisan Brie will be enjoyed by many.

We got married on the 26th of September 1985 and held our wedding
reception at Seamill Hydro. Over the years we have had many
enjoyable family holidays and celebrations at Seamill and it is what I
call “my happy place”. We are so thrilled to be supplying Seamill with
our Ballochmyle Brie.

Seamill Hydro, Seamill
Ayrshire KA23 9ND

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