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As you have no doubt heard from the many, many emails you have received from countless companies that hold or process your personal information on May 25th the law protecting your data and privacy is changing.

Under the new law we must ensure that we have your express and informed consent to use your information to contact you, and you have more rights to control the information we hold and how we use it.

Here in the new privacy section of our website you have access to our Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance Statement which give important information about how we use, share and protect your information.

Please use the form below to confirm that you would like to continue to receive updates from time to time from the hotel.  This may include notifications about special offers and promotions and early sales releases for popular events.  We continue in our commitment to send only high quality, relevant and interesting emails to you on an infrequent basis.

You will still receive information about your reservations however may miss out on additional, related information such pre-stay guest information designed to make your stay even better and post-stay feedback requests which help us to continually improve our service.

You must complete the form to continue to receive information from us!

Seamill Hydro have been in compliance with much of the new regulations for many years, ensuring that we have had the express and informed consent of customers subscribing to our marketing lists. 

Where we know that our data was collected in a compliant manner we will continue to process this data without seeking further consent.  It is possible that any individual may have data stored in a compliant database and one where further consent is being sought and so more than one action may be required to prevent further contact.

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